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Feb. 4th 2014: Website Work

The last few weeks I have been playing with some of the code again. It's been a while since 0.2.0 release, and I have been very busy as has the rest of the dev. team. But I finally snuck some time to play around with getting Teleporters to work and may work on one or two other things. Hopefully, some of the other devs. will get a little time and squash some of the other bugs so that we can do another release soon.

Aside from the work on the game, I decided that the website should join the 21st century so I got rid of the frames. That's right baby, NO MORE FRAMES!!! This work is in preparation for one of my other big plans, so keep an eye out here and in the IRC chat for all the tastey goodness.

And remember, "There Is No Safe Distance."
-- Jason (THE Uber Linux Guy)

March 29th 2013: OpenParsec 0.2.0 RELEASED!

Today is the 10th anniversary of the release of the Parsec code base by "The Fathers." On March 29th in 2003, they created the SourceForge Project page and began the process of releasing the code to the world.

It is my great pleasure to finally announce to the world, the first Internet based, playable version of OpenParsec ever to be released. OpenParsec 0.2.0 was released to the world today at 11:00am EDT. Although the game is very playble, this is still considered a beta release. For more information on versioning, see the wiki page at

To download the game, head over to the SourceForge Project Download Page

And remember, "There Is No Safe Distance."
-- Jason (THE Uber Linux Guy)

There is no safe distance... from March 29th 2013

Stay tuned to your favorite source for OpenParsec news and information... something awesome this way comes...

And remember, "There Is No Safe Distance."
-- Jason (THE Uber Linux Guy)

OpenParsec Moves to Github

After a bit of contemplation, discussion, and bashing each other over the head, the guys and I decided to move the source code repository to git. The next obvious choice was to move the repository itself to The issue tracking as also moved there.

This decision comes on the heels of some really great progress. We're inching closer to our first binary beta release, which the release itself will still occur on SourceForge.

Keep an eye out, it's actually coming people...

And remember, "There Is No Safe Distance."
-- Jason (THE Uber Linux Guy)

Open Parsec Teaser Video

CrazySpence has posted a video to YouTube displaying our progress over the past year or so. Right now, there are only about 2 or 3 open bugs before our first official release of Open Parsec 0.2 Beta. Keep an eye out for more information.

And now, here's the video:

And remember, "There Is No Safe Distance."

-- Jason (THE Uber Linux Guy)

Open Parsec Site Moves

Nov. 2012 -- If you're reading this post, then you are seeing more progress in the making. I've decided to move the Open Parsec website off of Source Forge and onto a more reliable server. I've also purchased a new domain name for the project. If you came to us via, you may notice that your browser's address bar now says This is so that we can now make a distinction between the difference of the old Parsec LAN Demo and Open Parsec, the Open Source Game.

Phil, I, and several others have been making quite a bit of progress. We have been having discusions in the #openparsec IRC channel on for some time now. Feel free to come and join us if you like.

I'm also going to be cleaning this site up a bit and redirecting sections to the SourceForge pages, the Trac system, and more over the coming days. Stay tuned for updates.

And remember, "There Is No Safe Distance."

-- Jason (THE Uber Linux Guy)

Open Parsec Gets New Life

Feb. 09, 2012 -- As I find myself writing this entry on, I can't believe this is happening. Nearly 9 years after the release of the source code by its original creators, there are noticable things going on at the Source Forge Project page. I'm Jason, (AKA: Uber Linux Guy.) I've worked on the Open Parsec code off and on ever since the code was released. And although I am not one of the original creators, I do have a passion to see this game complete. I had gone so far as to spool up an SVN repository on my personal server along with a mailing list for anyone that wanted to help, mostly because the SF Project page fizzled and the original creators all moved on to bigger and better things. (And rightfully so.)

Recently, after being away from the code for a couple of years again, due mostly to work, I received an email to the list on my personal server from Phil Spencer. Phil's interest in the game and his email inspired me to get back into things. We've been twiddling with the code here and there for about a month now, and after an email to the Open Parsec Fathers, they were kind enough to allow me Project Admin rights to take up the reigns on the SF page.

Being someone who doesn't like to let others down, and now with the power to help make things happen, I am making the call to all those developers out there who have stumbled across this work of gaming art and always wanted to see it to completion. Please join us on the Source Forge Project page, throw your development skills into the ring, and let's see if we can get a fully functional Internet version of the game out before the 10th anniversary of the Open Source Release of Parsec.

And remember, "There Is No Safe Distance."

-- Jason (THE Uber Linux Guy)

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